More than 500 Hotels in Mexico!

Presence of more than 500 hotels in Mexico
Tailor-made for your hotel and customizable
Website Responsivo
Responsive Website
Create and edit your website content easily
Administrador de Contenido
Content Manager
Convert your site visitors into customers cheaply
Motor de Reservaciones
Booking Engine
Manage rates automatically
CRS Inventario en Tiempo Real
CRS Inventory in real time
Implement rates in all distribution channels
Channel Manager
Channel Manager
Automatically regulates the hotel rate
Manejador Automatizado de Tarifas
Automated Rate Manager
Book Hotel+Car, Hotel+Activities, Hotel+Restaurants
Reservaciones de Paquetes Dinámicos
Reservation of Dynamic Packages
Book from your smartphone or tablet
Motor de Reservaciones para Móviles
Mobile Booking Engine
Book through your website obtaining the rate agreed with the Hotel
Sistema para Corporativos y Agencias
System for corporates and agencies
It will allow you to know what your customers think of your hotel
Sistema de Opiniones de Huéspedes
Comments system
The connection with your PMS optimizes the time of your staff
Conexión de dos Vías a su PMS
2-way connection to your PMS
Real-time production of your sales channels
Reportes, Gráficas y Estadísticas
Reports, graphics and statistics
Debit and credit cards, Paypal and OXXO
Pagos en Línea
Online Payments
Telephone and chat support for your customers
Capacitación y Asesoría
Training and consultancy

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Más de 800 Hoteles usan Internet Power Hotel

+800 Hoteles use our Booking Engine

Internet Power Hotel has walked a successful path with highly trustworthy technological solutions: over 800 clients nationally and internationally.

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Develop a centralized inventory

Our system has the capacity to keep a transparent communication with your hotel system to have a centralized inventory that avoids human mistakes and booking leakage.