About Internet Power Hotel

Internet Power Hotel keeps impressing the tourist industry with its innovative solutions, mixing unique software solutions in every aspect of the travel business. Internet Power Hotel offers B2B and B2C services for the main travel sectors, including hotels, car rentals, travel agencies and all kind of companies that manage events and activities.

Internet Power Hotel is the leading company in development of solutions for the centralization of hotel inventories, creating interactive interfaces with the hotel system (PMS), the Internet Power Hotel’s super CRS, the Website, the GDS, the online travel agencies and the call center. Our goal: entering and distributing the 100% of the rooms in all the distribution channels in an automated way.

We feature the latest solutions in the tourism industry, which include our Dynamic Packages for hotels, our capacity to manage Activities and our systems for Travel Agents and Corporates. We also add our reservations management systems for hotels and hotel chains, along with the reservations systems for mobile devices, which are included in the Internet Power Hotel system.