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Successful Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Hotel

Internet Power is the mix of solutions that will help your hotel increase its sales through an effective online reservations system combined with digital marketing.

We are part of the exclusive group of Google Adwords Partners and one of only two companies in the tourist field in Mexico with this badge.

Google Adwords

The three main goals of Internet Power Hotel are:

Giving your reservations a boost through your own website, empowering your hotel brand.

Money spent in the expensive third parties that are currently used to distribute reservations online. You’re sacrificing at least the 25% of your rate.

As we optimize time in the current processes to manage the reservations.

If you’re looking to increase your reservations and save money, you’re in the right place. Take just 15 minutes of your time to discover the newest and most effective way of increasing your bookings using Internet Power Hotel’s Distribution System.

In this DIGITAL ERA, make MORE using our Solutions!

Internet Power Hotel has walked a successful path with highly trustworthy technological solutions, with over 800 clients nationally and internationally.


The 95% of the reservations in the Hotel Industry come from the internet. That is why it is important to position your hotel online.

$ $

Your hotel doesn’t have to do any initial investment. You’re just paying when you get results.


Your hotel will have the same level of technology of the big hotel chains at a minimal fraction.


Internet Power Hotel is a Latin American company, so your hotel will have constant support, training and advice in your own language.


Your Hotel is backed by a specialized team that work to help your business get a better income through the best online practices and sales strategies.



To grow your hotel sales, get in touch with us with our contact form and one of our consultants will happily get back to you.