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Central Reservations System: Connect to Your PMS


Connectivity to Your Hotel System

Connectivity to Your PMS Hotel System

Internet Power Hotel incorporates the latest technologies in the communication to third systems in an automated way, through Web services or XML to any Hotel System (PMS), eliminating human errors caused by the manual entry of the reservations from your Website, Corporates, Travel Agencies, Call Center and the OTA’s in the PMS.

The connection to your PMS optimizes the time of your staff, as it stops them from recapturing the reservations manually, which will allow them focusing their energy on other important tasks to maximize income.


  • All the reservations from your Website, OTA’s, Call Center System, etc. can be downloaded in real time to your PMS.
  • Your hotel will have the real inventory available in all your sales channels thanks to the 2-way communication between the CRS and your hotel system.


  • Stops the economic leakage that represents the loss of reservations due to the inadequate management of availability and rates.