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If I already have my own staff focused on Ecommerce, how the OTA PLUS Admin will actually help my Hotel?

Nowadays over 50% of the income of the hotels comes from the Internet. As it is such a sensitive area to generate money, you should ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are the Rate Plans extended to 18 months, every month in every OTA?
  2. Does every OTA have the same Rate Plans every month?
  3. Do you check that the Rate Parity in the OTAs is at its best every day for the next 18 months?
  4. Do you make sure that your Website actually has the best rate vs. the OTAs, every day for the next 18 months?
  5. Do you check the competitiveness of the rate Vs. yours every day in the OTAs?
  6. Do you make sure you’re participating in all the promotional campaigns of the OTAs every day?
  7. Do you make sure that the income of the Hotel can be maximized between $70 - $120 MXN per night by making a correct implementation of the promotional campaigns in every OTA? 3000 room nights a year can give you $360,000 MXN more every year.
  8. Do you have an online reputation strategy, advice and software?
  9. Do you have a Channel Manager?
  10. Do you make sure that the Channel Manager is set up properly every month and every time that new rate plans are created?
  11. Do you have an interface that brings automated availability (real time) in the OTAs and your Hotel System?
  12. Do you have the right allotment in every OTA in 18 months and is it supervised 24 hours every day?
  13. Do you make sure your rate plans are properly mapped out to all the budgeted rate plants in all the OTAs?

These are the areas where most of our hotel audits have found multiple errors caused by the staff assigned to this important task. By applying and supervising on a monthly basis the corrections with the “know-how” that we offer and the OTA Plus Admin specialized solutions we’ve seen an increase of 20% to 50% in the Hotel’s revenue. Reassign the Ecommerce staff to the activities of corporate sales, agencies, groups and events.