Hotel Marketing: A Groundbreaking Strategy


New Generation of Websites

Nueva Generación de Websites

We all know the importance of having an online presence nowadays. Nevertheless, having a website is not enough when it comes to being face to face with the client (guests in this case) to get them to buy something from us and not the competition.

EIt is clear that the online strategy of distribution starts and ends with our Hotel Website, so the goal is well-defined: creating a fully optimized website, focused on the consumer, not only friendly with the user but also with the booking engine and the traveler that makes the reservation. This can be achieved through a clear strategy, designed by our Google certified experts, based on the best practices of the industry and the latest SEO trends, which will unavoidably improve the usability and performance of the website to gain maximum online visibility.

A website needs to adopt the best practices in the hospitality industry, in order to be:

  • User-friendlyli
  • Booking engine friendly
  • Traveler friendly
  • Friendly with the interactive relationship with the customer

We’re committed to applying the latest strategies and technology in Hotel website design.

Advantages of a Website with Booking Engine for your Hotel

  • Personalized design according to your hotel needs
  • It meets the best practices in website development for hotels
  • The price per reservation is lower
  • You can customize special rates and manage your inventory


  • Design that adapts to browsers for PC, smartphones and tablets.
  • Content management system that allows updating the information, quickly and easily.
  • Website updating to get an optimal position in the different search engines.


  • Booking engine that has the option of setting your own dynamic packages.
  • The lowest price per reservation.