Central Reservations System: Manage All your Sales Channels


Connect to the Main OTAs

Conectividad con las principales OTA's

Our CRS manages and controls your hotel’s online reservations, not only the ones made through your website, but from all of the sources of reservations, like the OTAs, Call Center, GDS, etc. This way you don’t have to feed all the extranets individually like you’re doing it now.

Plus, the Internet Power Hotel’s CRS connects to your PMS so you don’t have to manually recapture the reservations.

Through our advanced Central Reservations System your hotel gets the following benefits:

  • Put an end to the expensive time the staff spends recapturing the reservations, without human errors, in real time 24/7.
  • Eliminate the expensive time the staff spends manipulating separated inventories and rates for each extranet, without human errors.
  • Allows using the time of the staff for other important tasks to maximize income.
  • Eases the implementation of rate parity in all the distribution channels.