OTA PLUS Admin Services

  1. Initial Audit

    We start with an initial audit of your presence in the OTAs, releasing a preliminary report of your current status with over 70 indicators of supervision.

    In the different audits we’ve done, we usually find 20-40 indicators in bad condition. Once we’ve corrected them, your sales in the OTAs and your own Website will increase from 20 to 50%. How many negative indicators will your hotel have?

  2. Professional OTAs Management.

    • Your hotel will have specialized staff that will maximize your income from an effective management of the OTAs
    • Reduces the staff expenses within the hotel operation and avoids the massive losses that the hotels suffer when their assigned staff quits.
    • Eliminates the learning process of the new staff, which usually costs hundreds of thousands of pesos in losses.

    A sales channel that represents 40-60% (and growing) of the sales of a hotel shouldn’t be linked to such a fragile process within your hotel’s sales platform when there are professional companies with over 17 years of experience in the tourist industry, like Internet Power Hotel. Stop suffering with the lack of experience and constant staff turnover when it comes to such an important task.

  3. Daily follow up

    A daily follow up of the most important indicators, availability, rate plans, OTA parity, best rate on the website, seasonal specials, channel manager, interfaces of the hotel system, analysis of results of future sales and goals achieved on time to apply immediate actions that boost your income.

  4. Monthly Audit Reports

    We release a monthly audit report with all the evaluation indicators of the initial audit, which ensures the solved positive aspects, those that have not been solved or changed from positive to negative, the action plan that is taking place as well as the detailed report of the detected inconsistencies that were solved and how much time it took to solve them.

  5. New Sales Strategies

    OTA PLUS Admin, along with different Ecommerce specialists and our team with over 30 years of experience in sales in multiple hotels, design an annual strategic plan suggested to the hotel to grow sales, which is analyzed and updated every trimester.

  6. Monthly Conference

    We convene a monthly conference with the Sales Directors and General Management to inform the results, achieved goals and actions taken, as well as implemented or not implemented suggested improvements and their status.

  7. Transparent download of the reservations that come from all your sales channels to the PMS.

    A transparent communication with the PMS is established, getting reservations from all the OTAs and your website in real time, 24/7.

  8. Transparent connectivity to your PMS to get the inventory in real time.

    Connectivity to the OTAs and your Website to distribute your inventory in real time and reassign allotments automatically, 24 hours a day. Reduce overbookings and sell up to your last room!