OTA Plus Admin Benefits

  1. OTAs professional management by specialized staff that maximizes the income of your hotel.
  2. Reduces staff expenses.
  3. Eliminates the losses caused by unexperienced staff.
  4. Eliminates the losses caused by the manual management of the allotment.
  5. Eliminates losses caused by reduced working hours (breaks, holidays, sick days, 8 hour shifts) of the assigned staff through a channel that is available 24 hours a day.
  6. Eliminates losses linked to unexpected resignations or dismissals.
  7. The Channel Manager and Online Reputation Software Licenses are included.
  8. Automation of the competitiveness in the OTAs: a tool that regulates the competitiveness of the rate in real time, 24/7. Something that, until now, seemed impossible for thousands of hotels that take care of this task manually, with frequent mistakes and a limited time to supervise.
  9. Extended Distribution in OTAs: easiness to incorporate more sales channels without added staff expenses
  10. Simplification of accounts payable and receivable (OPTIONAL): your hotel just has to go to a contact and communication channel to recover the accounts and the commissions payments to the OTAs.
  11. Transparent download of reservations from all your sales channels to the PMS.
  12. Transparent connectivity to your PMS to get your inventory in real time and reassign allotments or close inventory in an automated way, 24 hours, reduce overbooking and sell up to your last room.
  13. Guarantee of parity in the OTAs and Best Rate in the Hotel Website, increasing sales and incomes through the Hotel’s official website.